From the President and Founder


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jorge L. Urena and I’m the Founder, President & CEO of, Peru Naturals Corporation, a Peruvian company dedicated to the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of unique high-quality products from the Coast, Amazon, and the Andes of Peru.


Although it may not be clear who we are, we have been around for many years bringing the best of our biodiversity to the world. Peru Naturals Corporation is leader in raw materials and ingredients for the food and supplement industry,

In this site you will be exploring some our newest “ready-to- eat” products, and realizing the quality and uniqueness of its nature

Our values and philosophy

Peru Naturals Corporation bases its philosophy in social justice, community development and member participation.

Growth and success for each person in the entire chain and within the organization.

We strongly support Fair Trade practices by.

Providing a sustainable source of income for poor and economically marginalized people in the Andes and the Amazon of Peru. Encouraging gender development and helping the necessitate Promoting sustainability, and Preserving traditional skills and production methods.

We believe in environmental management and conservation of the biodiversity.
The conservation of traditional and ancestral knowledge as well as the innovation in the development of value-added products is part of Peru Naturals Corporation’s business foundation.

Peru Naturals Corporation and its partners have received many awards and recognitions for its work. Its dedication to produce the best products in its class, unique and effective, with minimum environmental and social impact, makes Peru Naturals the perfect option to work with.

You are welcomed to read on about our amazing line of products, and please feel free to contact us at any time for further details and information.

Jorge L. Urena
President and Founder

Why Peru Naturals


A few key points why Peru Naturals differentiates from other manufacturers…


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

At Peru Naturals Corporation we aim for perfection going far beyond market expectations.

We have created and marketed the most unique products ever seen. We have introduced new concepts in the industry as well as revolutionary formulas; we do not limit ourselves to established standards, doing what everybody does, by the contrary, we innovate and develop…

We create products with no competition!


Emotionally committed to exceptional quality.

From the farming to the finished product, we follow strict high quality standards and Good Manufacturing Practices. We use selected raw materials,either Wildcrafted or Certified Organic, all from plant sources and processed using unique production methods.

We avoid the generation or use of heat within our production processes; we do not use binders, fillers or additives of any kind. We definitely don’t irradiate our products and certainly we do not use Genetically Modified Foods.

We use the True Food concept, which goes a step further than the whole food and raw food concepts; we incorporate ancient knowledge and traditional production methods to the development of our products. We do not use regular industrial production methods, better yet, we create our own…

We develop real foods, as Mother Nature intended!


A company’s ethical behaviour is the mirror image of its culture and principles.

At Peru Naturals Corporation we work with just one objective in mind, to produce the best foods ever with the highest quality possible, preserving the bio-diversity and maintaining the eco-system.

We work with social responsibility seeking a sustainable source of income for those in need.We are responsible for the whole chain, thus, responsible for every single aspect of our operation…

At Peru Naturals Corporation we do things right from the beginning!