A gourmet line of
Peruvian Seafood Tapas like no other


A gourmet line of
Peruvian Seafood Tapas
like no other


Peruvian Harvest Fresh Catch is a select gourmet line comprised of authentic Peruvian flavours not traditionally found in the market.

Our Standards


Sustainable Fishing

Controlled line fishing is and traditional fishing methods are used to catch both the best fish available, while ensuring the sustainability of the species.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In order to highlight the incredible flavour of our selection of fish, only the finest olive oil is used to maintain the quality standards we strive for.


BPA Free

Our cans are tested to ensure that no BPA or other harmful chemicals are used. Our standards go beyond legal requirements.


Maras Pink Salt

This gourmet salt from the Peruvian Andes, helps to highlight the flavour of every ingredient used in our recipes.


Gourmet Peru

We have taken incredible Peruvian recipes which will send you on a culinary trip of joy.



Every vegetable ingredient is farmed and produced with organic standards.



Only highest quality ingredients allow to prepare highest quality food. For us this also means that no Genetically Modified Products are used. Did you know that Peru is a Non-GMO country?


Gluten Free

No Gluten or Gluten derived products are used in the manufacturing of UHTCO’s Products.


Peruvian Harvest Fresh Catch goes beyond market expectations. Our unique line of products is developed by applying years of Peru’s culinary marvels in a ready to eat can of goodness from the deep sea.


Exceptional quality is not just a commitment, it is a passion. Strict high quality standards and good manufacturing practices are followed from the traditional Deep Sea Sustainable Fishing to the preparation of each unique and delicious recipe.

Only the highest quality ingredients are paired with our high quality fish to highlight its potential in both taste and nutrition. This means no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives or artificial flavours will ever be found in a can of Peruvian Harvest Fresh Catch.

Our Lineup


The best Mackerel and Paiche around; Sources of Omega 3 in an incredible selection of flavours to delight your palate.

Our whole line contains 170gr of delicious seafood tapas, with an Easy-Open tab.


Smoked Mackerel Medallions with Maras Pink Salt

Mackerel Medallions traditionally smoked for 8 hours, bathed in extra virgin olive oil, with a pinch of Maras pink salt for a great flavour.


Mackerel Medallions in Peruvian Pepper & Onion Marinade

Mackerel Medallions in a traditional “Escabeche” sauce, a delightful marinade made of Peruvian chilli peppers, onions, and unique spices (not spicy).


Mackerel Fillets with Sprouted White Quinoa Grain

Mackerel fillets with a side of slow cooked organic sprouted quinoa grains, a touch of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and Maras pink salt for superb taste.


Mackerel Fillets in Botija Purple Olive Sauce

Mackerel fillets in a unique sauce made using “Botija” Purple Olives, extra virgin olive oil, Maras Pink Salt along with other spices for an incredible taste.


Smoked Paiche Chunks With Asparagus, Artichokes & Peppers

Paiche is an exotic fish from the Amazon of Peru. Paiche chunks are traditionally smoked for 8 hours and accompanied with a succulent blend of vegetables for an exquisite unforgettable taste.